Life Link III Expanding Air Medical Services to Brainerd, Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN (August 22, 2016) – Life Link III is pleased to announce the establishment of a new base of operations in Brainerd, Minnesota, to serve the increasing health care needs of this rapidly growing region. The new base will provide critically needed additional air medical service to the Brainerd Lakes region which is currently underserved in relation to call demands. Rapid access to therapeutic intervention and definitive care improves patients’ chances for a better outcome. Life Link III helicopters serve as flying intensive care units (ICUs) providing critical care prehospital services from accident scenes and from one hospital to another.

Edward Eroe, president and CEO of Life Link III stated, “Our nine consortium member-owners recognized the need to provide the very best air medical service possible to the people of this vital, growing and central part of Minnesota. With the support of our Board of Directors, Life Link III is pleased to be able to enhance air medical transport for residents and visitors in the Brainerd Lakes region. We are committed to always providing the best patient-centered care.”

While the company’s expansion plans are in the early stages of development, the Brainerd base is expected to operate 24/7 from the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport starting mid-2017. “We are looking forward to partnering with many organizations as we move to the area and it will be great to get actively engaged in Brainerd and the surrounding communities,” stated Eroe. The Brainerd base will be the seventh joining Life Link’s system in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Through its ‘One Call’ system, Life Link III will continue to work collaboratively with other air medical transport services to dispatch the most appropriate helicopter, whether it is Life Link III’s or another service. Stated Eroe, “This translates to doing what’s best for the patient on every transport.” As one of the largest hospital-based non-profit consortium programs in the United States, Life Link III has a 31-year history of demonstrating its dedication to improving patient care and transport safety.

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