Jim Barduson

When Rachel Barduson saw her husband gasp and collapse in the driveway of their home, she thought he had tripped over the hose as he was washing the car. Soon, she would realize that Jim had a heart attack, collapsed, and hit his head on the driveway. She immediately called 911 and within minutes, first responders were at their home trying to save Jim’s life. Based on the severity of Jim’s condition, first responders and EMS crews saw the need for him to be air-lifted to Centracare Hospital in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, in order to give him the best chance of survival. Life Link III was dispatched to join their partners-in-care already on the scene to assist.

When Ben Summer, flight paramedic, and Laura Adamek, flight nurse, arrived they immediately began to assess the situation and prepare the patient for transport. “The fact that several agencies within Douglas County worked together as a team was major in saving Jim’s life and the recovery he is now continuing”, says Rachel.

Jim was then air-lifted to Centracare Hospital in Saint Cloud. Life Link III carries state-of-art medical equipment on-board every aircraft which allowed the opportunity to continue care in the air to allow for the best possible outcome. As Jim was being transported, Rachel drove to Saint Cloud Hospital. “To be honest, when my friends were driving me to Saint Cloud, I didn’t know if I would be finding Jim dead or alive, or if alive, what would be the outcome would be. I know in my heart that the quick action, the knowledge of the amazing team at Life Link III, and the quick action of the sheriff deputies and Carlos EMTs, gave me my husband back.”

Today, Jim is healthy and he and Rachel are enjoying their lives together. In part of his recovery, Jim visited Life Link III’s Alexandria base to thank those involved in his care. “I am so grateful for Life Link III. I don’t think that I would be alive without the help of all the people that helped me.” Adds Rachel, “We will never be able to thank Ben and Laura, their work, and Life Link III enough. Their professionalism, their knowledge, their quick action, their ability to put into high gear the action that needs to be taken, will never be forgotten by us. The procedures they did to save Jim have given him a new life and a recovery of amazing quality.”

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